Curricula - Colegio Bilingüe Lakeside


Preparing you for the future

Our educational model prepares Lakesiders to acquire skills and abilities that will enable them to adapt to the demands of an increasingly competitive world.

Through rigorous academic preparation, we instill different competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, emotional intelligence, and collaboration, to provide our students with greater opportunities for leadership and entrepreneurship.

Cooperative learning

From preeschool, our educational model promotes cooperative learning, through which, our Lakesiders form strong and meaningful bonds with their colleagues, working as a team to solve academic tasks and achieve a common goal.

In addition, we encourage cooperation between students and teachers so that there is a positive impact on learning and greater feedback.

English language

Fluency in English is essential for our Lakesiders to obtain great social and employment opportunities in the future, which is why the English we teach is endorsed and certified by the University of San Diego and Cambridge University.

Starting in preschool, we use the total immersion technique to strengthen the English language so that students can become familiar with both languages ​​from a young age, which will allow them to understand and communicate with other cultures.

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