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Welcome to our Website

Welcome to our Website

Lakeside is an international private school in Mexico City dedicated to educating and inspiring students in the pursuit of excellence.
The school is located in Colonia Granada, known as Nuevo Polanco, an area of ​​great urban and real estate development.
We are an educational community in which the intellectual, personal, social, physical and emotional growth of its three main protagonists; students, families and staff is encouraged.
Through thoughtful, responsive, innovative and learner-centered teaching practices, Lakeside works by providing diversified experiences through which students are motivated to reach their full potential in a safe and caring environment.

Committed to our surroundings and the environment, we are dedicated to guide great people to become excellent professionals prepared to manage both their present and their future while responding to the needs of our society and the planet.
Lakeside aims to develop a personalized education, which includes an individualizing aspect within a group: each student has particular characteristics and needs; and it also encompasses an integrated education: the whole person is educated, avoiding the fragmentation of knowledge, procedures and values. The student, in his individual characteristics and in his personal totality, is the primary beneficiary of education.

At all times, meaningful learning is pursued by students, so that there is a basic unity and an interrelation between contents, concepts, procedures and values ​​throughout all levels, stages and cycles, assembling new and past knowledge. It’s about looking for the connection between learning and life. The link with society and the environment make Lakeside always open to collaborate with different entities and companies that offer a connection to what is being worked on in the classroom, a way of working that trains for methodologies that are currently being developed in working offices.

Lakeside is also firmly committed to the training of its staff. A training that has two objectives: to be always active in the constant search for excellence; and continuous training and professional development so that each teacher can become an excellent teacher. We also offer a full range of activities beyond our curricula. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural, sport and language activities that contribute to the student’s integral education.

We also have our competitive sports teams, known as the “Royal Lions” in which students can take part.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Lakeside. While no website can completely capture the dynamic environment that defines this great school, I hope that your exploration will provide you a taste of the engaging activities that our students experience on a daily basis and convince you to visit us in person at our beautiful campus.

With best wishes,
Lakeside´s board

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