Admission Procedure and Requirements

Admissions are open throughout the school year depending on the availability of places.

If you are interested in starting the process of admission to Lakeside, please contact our Admissions Department to request an informative meeting, having in mind that it will depend on our open spaces.

1.- Attend the informative meeting.

2.- Ask for the new enrollment application form and schedule an appointment for the admission exam.

3.- Present admission exam while the parents have an interview with the pedagogical area and principal. **

4.- Schedule an interview to get your results.

5.- Make the official enrollment and signing of the Agreement Contract for Educational Services within the following week to the results of the admission exam, if successfully completed the admission process.

**Hand in the following documents (mandatory):

•Completed application form.

•Copy of your child´s transcript and his/her most recent grades.

•Letter of non-debt from the school in which your child is enrolled.

•Document proving your child´s legal status in the country, in case of being a foreigner.


Schedule a Tour

To contact us, please call 25838520 – 25838521 – 25838522 – 21559978 or fill the contact form. We are available from Mon - Fri 8:00 to 16:00.

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Day you prefer us to contact you
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Teaching at Lakeside

Correo de contacto para profesores interesados en integrarse al equipo docente del colegio :