Facilities - Colegio Bilingüe Lakeside


Ideal environment for learning

It is a fact that students learn best when they feel comfortable in their environment. For this reason, all the facilities of Lakeside are equipped with the educational materials and environmental resources necessary to achieve a positive impact on the well-being and academic performance of our Lakesiders.


Our classrooms are cozy and safe with materials designed specifically for our educational model.

Our innovative chairs and tables are tailored to each student so they can improve their social skills and gain a better understanding of teamwork.


Atelier is a dynamic space that promotes expression and cooperation, to create, express, investigate and experiment freely while acquiring skills that can be used in the school and personal environment.

Science lab

This lab enables Lakesiders to gain meaningful learning by practicing the scientific method.

This space is specially designed to enhance learning and a taste for science, as well as the development of scientific skills.

Computer room

The Computer Room is a space that allows us to provide Lakesiders with an interactive education through information and communication technologies that function as a tool for learning, research and creation.

Sports fields

Physical activity is very important for the personal, social and psychological development of our Lakesiders, therefore, we have 2 sports fields where different sports such as soccer, karate, etc. are carried out.


The school library is an information space made up of bibliographic, documentary and multimedia resources, which are made available to the entire school community to support the teaching-learning process.

Play and recreation areas

Emphasizing our commitment to the environment our campus features.

Solar panels

Rainwater collection

Water recycling plants

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