Kindergarten - Colegio Bilingüe Lakeside


Quality education

We have a global project based on cooperative learning, interculturality, the use of new technologies, and respect for the environment. Our teachers have a broad resume with extensive experience in early childhood education, which allows us to guarantee a quality education for your child.

All our facilities comply with current regulations for kindergarten and are equipped with material and environmental resources necessary for the development of our educational project.

At Lakeside, we are confident that learning is most meaningful when enjoyed by both students and teachers.

The fundamental purpose of our school at this stage is the integral education of the student, through the harmonious development of the different areas that make up their personality. Emphasis is placed on cognitive, affective, relational, psychomotor and social dimensions. This also includes music appreciation and various workshops.

By the end of preschool, students will have acquired skills and competences in the following areas:

Personal and social development

Language and communication

Mathematical Thinking

Exploration and understanding of the world

Art, science and technology

Body development and health

Regular class schedule
8:00-13:45 hrs
Sports & Cultural Club (with lunch)
13:45-18:15 hrs

Coming soon, High School.
Very soon we will expand our Educational levels.

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