Elementary School - Colegio Bilingüe Lakeside

Elementary School

Quality education

All our facilities comply with current regulations and are equipped with the material and environmental resources necessary for the development of our educational project.

The pedagogical line of Elementary School, based on our educational project, has the following characteristics:

  • Cooperative structuring of the classroom.
  • Commitment to active, meaningful and inclusive teaching-learning models.
  • Bilingual teaching.


  • Use of information and communication technologies as learning, research and creative tools.
  • Systematic work on the different competences of the student.
  • Interdisciplinary projects and tasks.
  • Conflict management through an integrated model that promotes dialogue.
  • Enrichment of our curricula through various workshops and projects related to art, science, languages, information and communication technologies.

At the end of Elementary School, students will have acquired skills and competencies in the following areas:

Personal and social development

Language and communication

Mathematical Thinking

Exploration and understanding of the world

Art and technology

Interdisciplinary as the basis for the construction of knowledge

Critical and creative thinking as a tool for conflict resolution

Understanding of social, cultural and linguistic diversity to achieve awareness of themselves and the environment

Regular class schedule
8:00-14:40 hrs
Sports & Cultural Club (with lunch)
14:40-18:15 hrs

Coming soon, High School.
Very soon we will expand our Educational levels.

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