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We take the art of learning to a new level.

When a child is playing, a child is happy. At Lakeside we believe that when you play, you learn.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life” - Aristotle

Happy to learn!

In the past, the school was a serious thing in every way. Fortunately, over time we have understood that learning is more meaningful when we enjoy it, when both students and teachers come together into a common process that contributes to the intellectual, emotional and physical development of children.

Oriented to participative classes where the important thing is how to teach before the concern about what to teach, we overcome the barriers of time and space to break the paradigm of the classroom as the only working space.

Now, the student can relate to others, is informed, studies, works and communicates in different physical and virtual spaces. Just as children are different, the ways of teaching new things and education for life must also evolve to respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding world.

Lakeside develops resources and methodologies that adapt in a natural and efficient way to the needs and requirements of the new generations so that they find at the school a good experience of happiness, friendship, learning, trust, affection and respect at the same time.

Lakeside systematizes a teaching method to achieve a successful school, based on programs with international standards, technological tools, teacher training processes, management and certification of results, among other resources that help us transform the classroom and revolutionize education to assure that children are learning happier than ever and developing a profile with multiple skills that allow them to be successful in any environment in which they interact. Happy to learn: when a child is playing, is happy. At Lakeside we believe that when you play, you learn, and when you learn by playing, you are happier.

“Happy to learn, happy to teach, happy to innovate”