By using the cooperative learning methodology we promote a love for learning through a process that actively engages the young in an environment that fosters creativity.

All our facilities comply with current regulations for the stage and are equipped with the material and environmental resources necessary for the development of our pedagogical project.

Through continual assessment and a caring approach in our inclusive classes, we recognise the capabilities and performance abilities of every child and ensure that work is set to challenge them in a supportive environment.

Our facilities are welcoming, safe and motivating, with furniture designed specifically for our educational model, depending on the different activities developed throughout the day. Lakeside has specific spaces, such as: psychomotricity area, computer room, multipurpose room, recreation areas, sports courts, library, dining room, among others.

The fundamental purpose of our school at this stage is the integral education of our students, through the harmonious development of the different areas that make up its personality: cognitive, affective, emotional, psychomotor, social dimension, music hall and workshops.

At the end of Preschool education, students will have acquired skills and competences in the following areas:

Social and personal development

Language and communication skills

Mathematical thinking

Exploration and understanding of the world

Arts, Science, and technology skills

Healthcare development

School Schedule 8:00-14:00

After School (with lunch) 2:00-18:30