It is a fact that students learn better when they feel comfortable in a scholastic environment. Environmental factors are important for the well being of students and teachers. On the other hand, school facilities is one of those variables that may have positive impact on students, on the well-being and their academic development.

The facilities quality is not only important for the esthetic look and comfort, but also for its purpose in the classrooms. With avant-garde chairs and desks like the ones we have, students acquire a better understanding of team work and social skills.

Besides the school facilities adjust to the students and their environment, students can increase concentration during school hours.

Facilities help to optimize space in the classroom and should give a stimulating environment as well as transmitting safety to students. To achieve safety and well-being at the same time it is convenient to find a balance between the necessity of being alone, or with someone else, calmness and movement and promote individual and group activities.

Facilities that Lakeside gives its students, offer all of these benefits, generating an ideal environment for learning and personal development, essentials to create a favorable coexisting environment.


Our chairs are unique like a finger print.

Students sit in thousands of different positions, standing, hunch back, sideways, inclined and also backwards: they extend their legs, sit on them, cross them and move them, they balance on their chairs or rest their back on them. Our chairs were specifically designed to maintain that freedom of movement in our students.

When a student is comfortable, it solves one of the biggest problems that exist for learning, this way it is easier for them to pay attention in a voluntary manner and generates the ability of autoregulation in a responsible and conscious way for their personal growth.

Move, breathe and concentrate

A subtle flexion from front to back allows the student to move and adjust their posture, this promotes a better concentration beside a correct blood flow and gives mobility and freedom to our students..

Cooperative Learning

Technological advances have allowed personalized teaching to adapt to necessities of each student. This means to open horizons and empower them.

Being in pair, triad, or bigger groups, team work is now indispensable. Learning is a social act, and a comfortable classroom for the student, allows them to use tools they are receiving in the best way possible, besides giving more time to think, pair and share and process information along with the rest of the students, generating a cooperative learning environment.

A classroom with flexible chairs allows students to diplomatically decide where and how they want to be seated to be more efficient. This means offering options to sit, stand, kneel, move or rock, and adjustable furniture for their size, which offers an advantage in dynamism and confines. Sitting in a still position is unconfutable and practically impossible, even for adults. Our furniture gives children the freedom to have a natural movement giving different postures. Our chairs move with the most active students, specially with eth kinesthetic ones, we take into account each different kind of learning in all our students so this way we can generate a personalized learning environment that help for a higher performance.

New challenges require new surroundings. Libraries are now media centers; science labs are technical labs and computer labs; cafeterias are common areas. These spaces have unique needs of furniture, among these versatility, durability and comfort. Just like the furniture we are giving our students at Lakeside.