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Welcome to Lakeside

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

Welcome to Lakeside’s website. We are a kindergarten through ninth grade international school dedicated to nurturing and inspiring students of excellence. At Lakeside, our learning environment has been specifically designed for our students to challenge them, to encourage them and to make them feel part of our community. Our balanced focus on meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of great learners has created an environment that allows each student to thrive and realize her/his potential. We share in the wonder and curiosity of new endeavors, that´s the reason why our students are enthusiastically engaged in their learning, supported by well-trained and caring teachers who work in partnership with parents to ensure the very best opportunities for every child. When students arrive at Lakeside they are given a sense of joy, acceptance, respect, resilience, and responsibility that helps them achieve success and greatness in all aspects of their lives. Students contribute in many ways to their school and their peers, and are encouraged to seek inspiration from their teachers, advisors, coaches, and classmates.

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Our vision at Lakeside is to “Be the leading school in Mexico City for educating children for the 21st Century”; inspiring, supporting, and nurturing our multi-cultural students to be well-educated and empathetic global citizens is part of our goal. Lakeside has been built upon a solid foundation of academic excellence and rigor combined with a warm, inclusive environment in which all of our students feel welcome and valued. We offer our students a unique opportunity —an international curriculum delivered by a first-rate, committed faculty in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich areas of the world, Polanco.

Academically, Lakeside offers a bilingual, bicultural education of the highest quality for all children. Spanish speakers are able to use the cognitive skills that they’ve developed in their first language as a foundation for their academic work while reinforcing their cultural connections and becoming proficient in English Language. Native English speakers have an opportunity to learn Spanish in the best possible environment: taught by and alongside native Spanish speakers. Both English and Spanish speakers continue their academic development as they become bilingual and biliterate. We also offer a full range of activities beyond the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to participate in after school enrichment activities such as visual art, musical theater, ballet, jazz, tennis, coding, programming and robotics, martial arts, cheerleading, and various sports activities. Elementary and Middle school students can participate in team sports as part of the Royal Lions.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Lakeside. While no website can completely capture the dynamic environment that defines this great school, I hope that your exploration will provide you a taste of the engaging activities that our students experience on a daily basis and convince you to visit us in person at our beautiful campus.

With best wishes,

Lakeside´s board

Our Philosophy

A school is a child’s second home, children should feel that they are wanted, respected and loved at school. That is the reason why we offer a strong comprehensive bilingual academic program, which promotes meaningful learning experiences that help our students develop their potential in a caring and nurturing environment. We recognize that all children are unique each with their own talents, strengths and personality. We aim to present as many opportunities as we can so that all these diverse qualities are nurtured allowing our students to achieve their full potential. We create a safe and stimulating environment in which students can be happy learners, working in partnership with teachers to discover and develop their intellectual, physical, social and creative potential. One of the important objectives is to create an environment to stimulate the curiosity and intellect of children, as well as to teach them how to interact and learn values that would allow them to live an honorable and happy life. .


Educating today’s citizens for tomorrow’s needs


En Lakeside, nuestra misión es educar a nuestros alumnos con las habilidades del siglo XXI; construir un entorno donde los niños se puedan sentir felices, seguros y valorados. Creemos que solamente a través de la educación podemos crear el mundo que queremos a futuro. Ofrecemos grandes experiencias de enseñanza basadas en el entendimiento, la creatividad, la toma de riesgos, la conciencia social, la resiliencia y la autodisciplina.

Learning environment

At Lakeside, classes are given in English and Spanish, thus guaranteeing that our students master two languages and that they furthermore can understand and communicate in them in other cultures. This is indispensable in an increasingly globalized world. We use the immersion technique to strengthen the non-maternal language of each student beginning in Preschool. At all grade levels, the academic program and other activities are split nearly equally between English and Spanish, so that students can become fluent in both.

Lakeside academic model equips the students for success through a holistic educational program that provides rigorous academics, leadership opportunities, exposure to the arts, experiences of entrepreneurship, competitive athletics, and co-curricular activities.

Our Values









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Why choose Lakeside?

At Lakeside we believe that education must go a step further. We are confident that by teaching our students with XXI century skills we are providing them with the necessary tools for success. That is why we instill the competences of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration, as well as the qualities of character: curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership, social and cultural awareness, to develop in students the ability to position themselves successfully in the global economy of the future. We build an environment of appreciation and emphasize social and emotional learning, promoting positive relationships, empathy and kindness. We also promote English language proficiency through constant communication with native speakers. The appreciation of international perspectives and points of view, the connection with the outside world and a better understanding of our global society, are some additional benefits.


Combines justice, loyalty, truth, charity, and strength.

Combines purity with harmony.

Combines success with power and wisdom.


Represents light, nobility, generosity, honor, also refers to the beginning of a positive change.


It is the symbol of knowledge and the spirit of research as a standard of academic work.


It communicates the strength of virtue, responsibility and greatness. It refers to a place where you can feel safe.


It is the symbol of strength, bravery, protection and tenacity.